9 Real Anime Places in Tokyo to Visit for Manga Lovers

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The rising popularity of anime and manga worldwide has also increased interest in pilgrimage.

While different parts of Japan appear in various manga series, anime places in Tokyo are the most popular.

Manga girl Japan
Manga girl

This is because Tokyo locations feature multiple manga publications, making it ideal for pilgrimage trips. 

It’s always fun going to the actual place where your favorite manga was set. Most of the illustrations come pretty close to the real-life setting, which improves your touring experience.

Read on for some location ideas.

Must-See Anime Places in Tokyo

Here are some places to visit in Tokyo for various manga series.

1. Sailor Moon

The popular anime and manga series is set in the Azabu-Juban neighborhood.

Sailor Moon girl
Sailor Moon

You probably know it as Juban District, home to Usagi Tsukino in the manga series.

The author chose to feature this area because she lived there. There are a few spots to visit for this manga.

Azabu Juban station

This is the Juban station which the girls use. The real-life station is identical to the anime one and is an excellent place to take photos during your pilgrimage.

Sendaizakaue Bus Stop

This is the bus stop where the girls would wait for ‘the cursed 6 pm bus.’ It’s not an exact match in appearance, but there are some similarities, including the name.

Azabu Hikawa Shrine

This is the actual shrine depicted as the Hikawa Shrine in the manga. It was the home and workplace of Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) and her grandfather.

It also served as a meeting location for the sailor soldiers. The shrine looks just as it does in the manga.

The Statue of Kimi-Chan

You may remember Sailor Mars sitting next to this statue in the manga. It’s a statue made in honor of the ‘red shoes’ nursery rhyme.

If you want to see it, it’s a short walk from the Azabu Juban Station.

Patio Juban

This chill spot is featured in the anime just as it does in real life. Next to it are some restaurants and shops that you can also check out.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online crew
Sword Art Online

Much of this anime and manga is set in Tokyo, which means you can find many actual locations.

Imperial Palace East Gardens 

You may recognize these gardens from a date Kirito and Asuna had. The illustration looks just like the actual garden.

This garden is a popular attraction in Tokyo, so even people who are not anime or manga fans will enjoy visiting.

Parlour Shiseido

This is the restaurant where Kirito and Seijirou Kikuoka are in season two. It’s a four-minute train ride away from the Imperial Palace gardens.

If you are planning to eat there, please note that the prices are on the higher side.

Akihabara Bridge

It is also known as the Akiba Bridge and was a battle location in that season.

The Entrance of Dicey Café

This location is featured in the Alicization episode. It looks pretty similar to the illustrated version.


This place is featured during Kirito’s visit to Asuna’s house. He stopped in front of the temple gate with his bike. The spot looks identical to what is in the manga.

3. Noragami

Norigami Manga Lovers

If you are a fan of this manga, you will find Tokyo’s ‘human realm’ setting locations. 

Oizumi-gakuen Station Area

A walk around this area will have you feeling like one of the characters. You will find that most of the features look familiar.

A good example is the Lawson store which has a blue color like in the animation.

Yushima Tenmangu Shrine

This is the shrine where the delivery God Yato visits the shrine head. It looks similar to the one in the anime and is a beautiful place to visit.

Apart from being an anime location, the shrine is a favorite for students praying for exam success. The shrine is dedicated to the Tenjin, the learning god.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Real Anime Places in Tokyo
Tokyo Ghoul

As its name suggests, this manga is set in Tokyo. As such, there is a huge list of places you can visit in honor of it.

Rikkyo University 

You may recognize it as Kamii University, where Ken Kaneki and Hideyoshi Nagachika studied. It’s an old university and looks almost exactly as it does in the manga.


The alleyways in this ward resemble those in the 4th ward.

Shibuya crossing

This landmark was in the 13th ward of Tokyo Ghoul. It allows people to cross seven crossroads at a go.

It’s an exciting experience, and you can also sample the restaurants and shops around it.

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The 1st ward in Tokyo Ghoul, a CCG stronghold, is based in this ward. This is where the weapons to fight the ghouls were made.

One of the most beautiful landmarks in this ward is the Tokyo station.


This is where the 14th ward was located and is known for the Nakano Broadway. 


This location makes an appearance in Rize and Kaneki’s Christmas scene. It is known as an entertainment hub, with many nightclubs and bars.

If you want to party late into the night, you should go there.

5. Durarara!!

Durarara!! Manga Lovers

This fun manga is set in Ikebukuro, a real town in Tokyo. Here are some locations which may be familiar if you’re a fan.

Sunshine Doori

Sunshine Street features multiple scenes of this manga. If you walk around it, you will recognize most of the details there.

Sunshine 60th Street

This is considered the central street in Ikebukuro because it houses all the cafes, otaku shops, and arcades.

You will notice that some of the real-life shops are included in the manga but with a slight name change. 

East Ikebukuro Central Park

This was the escape place for Anri and Teijin. The park is a cool place to unwind as it offers a peaceful atmosphere.

6. Death Note

Death Note Manga Lovers
Death Note

If you’re a fan of this old but still interesting manga, here are some spots you might want to visit.

Hibiya Park

This is the park where Naomi and Light take a walk before including her name in the Death Note.

Although the park may look dull in the manga, it’s very beautiful in real life, especially during springtime.

Imperial Hotel

This is the first meeting place of Kira’s task force and Light’s dad.

If you’re a Death Note fan looking to stay in a fancy hotel, this is it. You will love the hospitality here.

Shinjuku station

This is the brick-walled station where Light meets Raye Penber.

Light speaks behind him to conceal his identity before eventually adding his name to the death note.


The streets, subway entrances, and the famous Shibuya crossing all feature in scenes of this manga.

You may notice that they are extremely similar in real life.

7. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great teacher Onizuka Manga Lovers
Great teacher Onizuka

This classic, heart-warming manga is set in the small Kichijoji neighborhood of Tokyo.

There are also a few scenes that courtesy of the more known neighborhoods of Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Inokashira Park

This is the park used in any park scenes of the manga. You will also see the pond found in the same park.

The real name has been used in the manga, including the Miss Inokashira contest where Tontako participates.


This is where Onizuka and others are looking for Teacher Fuyutsuki.

It’s in the northern part of Tokyo, and the station there seems quite similar.

8. One Punch Man

One Punch Man Japan
One Punch Man

If you enjoyed this superhero Manga, here are two spots that could get you reminiscing.

Saitama’s apartment

As you know from the Manga, Z-city is actually Setagaya, Tokyo. It is just left of Shibuya.

Saitama’s apartment was depicted quite accurately.

You will also recognize the highway where he fought the subterraneans in his dream.

The Front of Kichijoji Station

If you visit this place, you will notice that the scene layouts are taken there.

The Baskin Robins store found there in real life inspires the signboard in the scenes.

9. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Bunny girl Senpai Manga Lovers
Bunny girl Senpai

This manga is set on the scenic island of Enoshima and the coastal city of Fujisawa. Here are some spots that may look familiar.

JR Fujisawa station

If you look around this station, you will notice many similar elements to those in the animation.

Goshogatani Park

You first notice this small but picturesque park in the opening scene. Further along, it is where Sakuta and Tomoe fight each other.

Many aspects around this park are an exact match to the illustrations.

Wrapping Up

With this list of anime places in Tokyo, your trip to Japan will be any anime or manga fan’s dream.

It helps that some of these locations have been used in various manga series.

This allows you to experience double or more fun of being a manga character.

When traveling, it is best to look out for locations around the same area before moving to the next.

That way, you maximize your time in each place. Also, consider visiting any anime or manga museums in those areas to learn more about this culture. Enjoy your manga trip!

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