Delve into the fascinating world of Japanese lives. From traditional arts to contemporary hobbies, discover what captivates the people of Japan. Gain insights into unique pastimes, from bonsai cultivation to anime fandom. Explore the diverse passions that shape Japanese society and add depth to your cultural understanding!

  • Eki Stamp Book (Gotta Collect Them All!)

    Eki Stamp Book (Gotta Collect Them All!)

    Embark on a Journey of Collecting Memories with Eki Stamp Books in Japan. Discover the allure of these unique souvenirs as we guide you through what Eki Stamp Books are, how to start collecting, popular routes to explore, and the enchanting world of station stamps.

  • Kanoa Igarashi Net Worth

    Kanoa Igarashi Net Worth

    Japanese surfing heartthrob Kanoa Igarashi has put Japanese surfing on the map. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Kanoa Igarashi’s Net Worth and his journey to becoming Japan’s most famous surfer. 

  • Are Drones Allowed In Japan? (About Japan’s Drone Laws)

    Are Drones Allowed In Japan? (About Japan’s Drone Laws)

    Drones are allowed in Japan, but many rules and regulations exist around their usage. Breaking these rules can leave the drone operator with a hefty fine or even prosecution, so it’s important to research and avoid any no-fly zones!

  • 6 Best Comic Book Stores In Tokyo

    6 Best Comic Book Stores In Tokyo

    This selection of Tokyo’s best comic bookstores is excellent for hunting the rare and unique Japanese manga and graphic novels that make an ideal souvenir of your trip to Tokyo.

  • Hirotake Yano Net Worth

    Hirotake Yano Net Worth

    In this article, we take a look at the net worth of Hirotake Yano and the amazing life story of the founder of one of Japan’s most popular stores.

  • Noriaki Kinoshita Net Worth

    Noriaki Kinoshita Net Worth

    Despite missing out on an NFL spot with the Atlanta Falcons, Kinoshita has earned fans and income in Japan and overseas, because of his love of the game.

  • Yuta Watanabe Net Worth

    Yuta Watanabe Net Worth

    The 28-year-old Yuta Watanabe has been tearing up courts in the NBA since becoming the first male Japanese player to go straight to the top of American college basketball. Today, we share the net worth of Yuta Watanabe.

  • Haruki Murakami Net Worth

    Haruki Murakami Net Worth

    With more than 34 published books you can be sure that Haruki Murakami is a wealthy man. Here, we take a closer look at the net worth of Haruki Murakami and how his fiction writing made him a multi-millionaire!

  • Takashi Murakami Net Worth

    Takashi Murakami Net Worth

    In this article, we take a deep dive into the net worth of Takashi Murakami and explore the artistic expressions that have made him incredibly rich!

  • Hideki Matsuyama Net Worth

    Hideki Matsuyama Net Worth

    If you’re a fan of golf, golfing pro Hideki Matsuyama will be instantly recognizable as one of the best in the game. We’ll take a look at the net worth of Hideki Matsuyama.