What Is Weipa Seasoning?

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Weipa is a popular Japanese seasoning used to add flavor to Japanese cuisine, specifically Chinese-influenced dishes.

Weipa directly translates to “king of taste”; true to that, it improves the flavor of any dish.

Some refer to it as the king of flavor among food seasonings.

How to Use Weipa seasoning
Weipa seasoning

Weipa seasoning is mostly used in making delicious ramen soup.

That Is Not All: It immensely upgrades the flavor and taste of fried rice, yakisoba, and other dishes. This article will expound on this Japanese seasoning, its use, and how to use it for best results.

What Is Weipa Seasoning Made Up Of?

Weipa seasoning looks like hard margarine, which is a bit uncommon for seasonings.

It makes you wonder what it is made up of.

Generally, weipa seasoning is a well-balanced combination of vegetables, spices, and meat stock, all mixed into a paste.

More specifically, weipa seasoning is a product of these ingredients:

  • salt
  • chicken extracts
  • garlic
  • onion
  • pork extracts
  • sugar
  • spices
  • animal and vegetable fat
  • flour
  • vegetable extracts
  • and lactose

These ingredients are carefully mixed in accurate proportions to produce a flavorful paste that is bound to improve the standard of any Chinese dish or Japanese-style Chinese food.

While it has meaty content, weipa contains no beef.

Therefore, it is perfect for you if you don’t like the beefy taste in your food. However, you may want to keep a safe distance if you are lactose intolerant.

The king of flavor, as it is commonly referred to in culinary circles, weipa is one of the most popular seasonings in Japan.

It has this savory combination of sweet and salty flavors that not only enhances taste but also brings a much-needed balance to dishes that tend to be either too sweet or too sour.

The ingredient content of weipa makes it perfect for soup, fried rice, and several other dishes, as shall be highlighted later in the article.

How to Use Weipa Seasoning

Weipa seasoning is mostly used in the Japanese interpretation of Chinese food.

In other words, it is used in Chinese dishes that have been made with a touch of Japanese style and technique.

Weipa seasoning is mostly used to make ramen soup, or miso ramen, which is a favorite in Japan.

Miso ramen is a popular Japanese noodle soup. It is rich, thick, and nutritious.

It is called Miso Ramen because it contains:

  • miso
  • vegetables
  • pork
  • and chicken stock

These ingredients are also found in weipa, which is why the seasoning complements the soup very well.

Moreover, weipa seasoning is a dominant ingredient in dishes like stir-fries, fried rice or chahan, chanko nabe, gyoza, and yakisoba.

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Simply, it adds a delicious flavor to whatever you are cooking. The secret is in knowing how to use this seasoning appropriately to get fantastic results.

Weipa works great alongside other ingredients such as:

  • mirin
  • soy sauce
  • and sake

While making miso ramen or any other type of soup, you want to combine the seasoning with water, garlic, and whichever other ingredient of your choice.

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Ideally, add 10g of the king of seasonings to 600cc of boiling water, alongside other ingredients that you would prefer.

If you are stir-frying a meal, fry the ingredients with weipa as you adjust the amount of seasoning according to whether you want a light taste or a heavy one.

For rice, two spoonfuls of weipa seasoning should be enough. Add it to your rice cooker for delicious steamed rice.

Essentially – The way you use your weipa will depend on your cooking style and personal taste. Some people like a heavy flavor, while others prefer it light with a distant aroma.

Whichever the case, weipa seasoning is guaranteed to enhance the taste of your soup, fried rice, or gyoza.

History of Weipa Seasoning

Weipa seasoning originated from a Japanese port city known as Kobe.

Kobe’s population is predominantly Chinese, making it one of the Chinatowns in Japan. Weipa was developed by Bao Yue Min, a Chinese resident of Kobe.

Being a Chinese man living in Japan, it was not easy to create Chinese cuisines the way they are made back home.

Therefore, Bao Yue Min created this seasoning to provide an easy-to-use seasoning for the local Chinese restaurants in Kobe.

The idea was probably to bring a homey feel to his Chinese kinsmen through food.

The seasoning caught up and became popular not only in Kobe town but also in neighboring Japanese towns.

The Japanese took it up as well and used it to prepare soup and their interpretations of Chinese dishes. Today, weipa is used all over the world.

Where to Find Weipa Seasoning?

If you live in Japan, you are likely to find this seasoning in almost all stores in your neighborhood, especially in Kobe Chinatown, where it originated from.

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Kobe Chinatown in Japan
Kobe Chinatown

However, in other countries, such as the United States, finding Weipa seasoning in your local grocery store is not very commonplace.

Fortunately – You can always ship it through amazon or other select online stores. The only downside to this is that the price is relatively higher, and you may have to wait a while before the product is delivered to you.

Weipa seasoning comes in a red can packaging in three sizes:

  1. The biggest size is the 500g can, which is bound to last you months if used responsibly.
  1. The intermediate size is the 250g can, which expectedly costs less than the 500g can.
  1. The smallest packaging is the 125g tube. The different sizes give you options as per your needs and budget.

Remember to store the weipa cans in a clean place that is also dry and cool.

A pantry or a fridge are favorable storage places. You want to protect the seasoning from too much light, especially direct sunlight.

Final Words

Weipa seasoning is popular in Japan for making ramen soup and Chinese-style dishes.

It is made with vegetable extracts, various spices, and pork and chicken stock.

What’s more, weipa enhances the taste and flavor of dishes like fried rice, gyoza, and chanko nabe.

While it is a Japanese spice, weipa was developed by a Chinese man called Bao Yue Min. Enhance your soup, broths, and fried rice by using weipa seasoning.

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