Where Do You Store Luggage In a Capsule Hotel?

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Over the past fifty years, the capsule hotel has become one of the most popular means of short-stay accommodation in Japan.

It is so popular that they have even began cropping up in other major cities around the world.

They are places where you can hire a space of roughly a few cubic meters, in which you just sleep.

capsule hotels luggage solution
Storage is not a priority in capsule hotels

Most often, they are used for overnight stays by busy executives, who need very little space for luggage.

So, where do you keep your bags in a capsule hotel?

Here, we will explain the situation.

Competitive Differences

While there are many common aspects of these places which are present within most of them, growing popularity has meant that market competition has created vast amounts of variation.

So, whether you actually have storage for luggage at all very much depends on where you go and which hotel you book.

Some have a separate storage room, specifically for luggage. Many have an additional locker room, in which lockers can be assigned to specific guests for any valuables.

Modern capsule hotels will have secure storage in or around the capsule itself.

Do all capsule hotels have a separate luggage room?

Why wouldn’t you need space for luggage?
Capsule hotel visitors don’t need space for luggage

No, some capsule hotels will have them and your luggage can be given to the staff upon arrival.

This is not always the case, though. A lot simply have a locker room with a small amount of secure space for a minimal amount of belongings.

Even lockers will vary in size, so be sure to check how much storage space is available before you book.

These hotels were originally designed for a last resort, quick-fix solution and so they don’t expect guests to have an abundance of bags to store.

Some even expect last-minute guests who have missed their train or flight and provide emergency pyjamas.

Is there a difference with older capsule hotels?

separate storage room for luggage
Capsule hotel

Yes, there can be.

Very often the older ones will have been updated and will still be very technological, but there are newer ones with many more luxurious facilities on offer.

The first ever pod hotel opened in 1979 and is still open for business today: Osaka’s The Capsule Inn, founded by Kisho Kurokawa.

Storage in newer hotels can be right next to or within the capsule itself.

Some have larger capsules, these days, with huge lockable drawers above or below the capsule’s entrance.

Others have a small wall of storage inside them, with little drawers and minimal clothes hanging spaces.

Why wouldn’t you need space for luggage?

Book capsule hotels
Book capsule hotel

The longest length of time people stay in a capsule hotel is usually two or three nights.


The majority of bookings are for one night only, and so luggage storage has not been a priority for every single hotel.

There aren’t even locks on individual capsule doors because they are simply for sleeping. Valuables can be stored in secure areas and guests rarely have a bunch of bags with them.

Often tourists will use them when visiting Japan and staying in a hotel in Osaka for a few weeks, but they want to visit Kyoto or Tokyo and stay overnight.

Final Thoughts

Capsule hotels can be very convenient forms of accommodation for a quick, overnight stay in a major Japanese city.

Though there is a great deal to consider when booking your stay in one, there are many advantages to them, not just their appealing prices.

Opposingly, storage is not a priority in these intriguing places. If you are planning a lengthy stay, then a usual hotel would be a better option. If all you need, however, is a place to rest for the night, then these can be the perfect place to crash.

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