Can You Lock a Capsule Hotel Door? (We Investigate)

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Capsule hotels were built for the convenience of saving both time and money and these conveniences alone.

Mainly for the purpose of accommodating businessmen for quick overnight stays or naps.

Can You Lock a Capsule Hotel Door
Can you lock a capsule hotel door?

So, they have always been a little basic in terms of comfort, privacy, and peacefulness.

Locks are in place in many areas of a capsule hotel, but can you lock your actual capsule?

I’m afraid not, generally.

Here we will outline exactly why this is the case.

Are capsule hotels just open?

The main door is often only accessible to staff and guests, like any other hotel.

Are capsule hotels just open?
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So, people can’t just walk in off the street unless they have booked a stay themselves.

In most capsule hotels, each floor of capsules is also locked and only accessible to both staff and the guests on that particular floor.

Although luggage is stored separately, this is also kept securely and there are other safety measures in place.  

Why can’t an individual capsule be locked?

It’s not that they can’t be, it’s just that it has never really been considered something that’s needed.

Being designed originally for the singular purpose of going to sleep, other safety measures are in place in these hotels.

Hotel capsules can't be locked
Individual capsules usually can’t be locked

Another reason for this lack of concern is that Japanese crime rates are reportedly very low. There is minimal to no risk of your space being invaded.

Possessions can be stored in a secure locker (sometimes separate from your capsule) and each floor is usually locked with keyless systems.

Do some capsule hotels have locks on their individual capsules?

While it is not a requirement that capsules be lockable, some more modernised capsule hotels have apparently incorporated this element of security.

staying in a capsule hotel
Enjoy your stay in a capsule hotel

It is rare, but with a little research you could find a few where you can lock your pod. If this is something that concerns you, check before you book.

However, it is even apparently the case that many Japanese people don’t even lock their front doors because security is generally not an issue.  

Is it true that Japan has an open-door culture?

The short answer is yes, but you must consider that each place is different. You can say that generally, people in Japan do not bother locking their doors.

Why can’t an individual capsule be locked?
Possessions can be stored in a secure locker

Some, because there is simply no need when living close to your own kin.

Others, because they are traditional Japanese homes with sliding doors, often very weak in structure and, again, there is no need.

In many places, however, people will inevitably lock their doors.

What other safety measures are in place in capsule hotels?

Okay, you can’t lock your little space but there are many other safety measures which are ubiquitous in almost all capsule hotels.

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Not only will you be provided with a secure locker for your belongings, but you can also be assured by the presence of the following:

  • CCTV
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Individual lockable toilets
  • Low crime
  • Busy locations

So, communal areas are under constant surveillance; there are always at least one or two members of staff to call on should you need help, and these hotels are always situated in popular and built-up areas where there are many people to be seen on a frequent basis.

There are even gender-specific hotels you can look out for, and many mixed-gender capsule hotels have gender-specific floors, too.

Final Thoughts

You might think that being unable to securely lock yourself away when your asleep in a strange and unfamiliar place is a little unsettling. No one could blame you for it. However, there is little to be concerned about.

Staying in a capsule hotel is not for everyone, but it is purportedly one of the most unique experiences and is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a budget-friendly and convenient way to stay in Japan.

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