Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower (Amazing Facts about both)

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We are all aware of the wonder and romance surrounding the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A monument where dreams come true for most people, while others marvel at its beauty and solid presence.

Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower facts
Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower

However, Japan has a similar, if not taller historic tower, Tokyo Tower. Famous in Japan, the Tokyo Tower attracts visitors due to its similarities to the Eiffel Tower.

Although they may look alike, structurally, the two towers have many differences. 

Here’s a comprehensive Tokyo Tower vs. Eiffel Tower comparison for easy differentiation of the two. These differences also describe the fantastic facts about the towers.

Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower: History Behind Their Construction Purpose 

Tokyo Tower is slightly above six decades old.

Its construction began in mid-1957 and was completed in late 1958.

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Owned by the Tokyo Tower Company, the structure’s primary purpose was to facilitate communication. The total construction cost in 1958 is estimated at above $8M.

Eiffel Tower is over a century old as construction began in January 1887 and was completed in March 1889.

Owned by the city of Paris government, its primary purpose was to broadcast signals.

Additionally – It was built as an observation tower. The total construction cost of the project in 1889 was about $1.5M.

Shape, Height, and Design of Tokyo and Eiffel towers

The designer of Tokyo Tower was inspired by the design and shape of the Eiffel Tower.

He then created a unique structure for the people of Japan that tells a story about their rich history and culture.

Tokyo tower stands tall, from the ground to the tip, at slightly under 1100 feet. It is marginally more elevated than the Eiffel Tower by about 10 feet.

The Tokyo Tower has been the tallest structure in Japan for several years but is currently the 2nd tallest. 

Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower traveling
Visiting Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower is named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel. The wrought iron structure is a prominent part of the city of Paris.

The must-visit location is toured by thousands every year, making it one of the world’s many wonders.

Eiffel Tower is about 1083 feet tall to the tip, a few feet shorter than Tokyo Tower.

Less-known Fact – Although Tokyo Tower is higher than Eiffel Tower, it is lighter in weight. Eiffel Tower weighs almost 8,000 tons of iron, while Tokyo Tower weighs around 4,000 tons of steel.

Tokyo Tower has a base width of 80 meters. The Eiffel Tower has a width of 125 meters on its square base.

Despite Tokyo Tower being taller, Eiffel Tower is broader at the bottom. The tower is a worldwide symbol of Paris, having withstood centuries of debates.

Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower Colors

The bold white and red paint makes Tokyo Tower easy to spot.

Besides the striking colorful appearance, it lights up at night, dazzling residents and tourists through all seasons.

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The modern look and feel of the massive tower and its surroundings add to the skyline beauty of Tokyo.

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Tokyo Tower

Eiffel Tower is in varying shades of brown to match the surrounding city buildings. At night, the tower is illuminated by sparkling lights for 5 minutes at the top of every hour.

The dazzling display starts from the bottom of the tower, running along the vast structure to the top. 

Visitors enjoy this fantastic light show that gets even more spectacular during celebrations.

The huge beacon light near the tower’s tip shines brightly over the prosperous city of Paris all year round. 

Tokyo Tower Vs Eiffel Tower: Why Are People Curious To Visit Them?

Despite both towers being quite tall, they differ in the number of constructed floors within them.

Tokyo Tower has four building floors and four elevators. Eiffel Tower has three building floors and seven elevators, which serve different parts of the tower. 

Visitors to Tokyo Tower can visit the two observation decks. The first one, the Main Deck, is located at about 480 feet.

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Eiffel Tower location

The topmost floor, known as the Top Deck, is the highest observation area and is about 820 feet above the ground.

Fearless visitors to Tokyo Tower can take the stairs up to the Main deck, which has a glass floor.

During Clear Mornings – Mount Fiji, the tallest and most active volcanic mountain in Japan, is visible. Of the two distinct towers, Tokyo Tower is favored for its vast entertainment options.

Several restaurants, museums, and shops are spread all over the shopping center at the base of Tokyo Tower.

Known as Foot Town, the center receives thousands of tourists and Tokyo residents who visit the tower.

The main attraction is to enjoy the expansive views of the city. 

Additionally, visitors can shop or dine in restaurants serving traditional Japanese cuisine.

There is a modern arcade to play games or visit the surrounding tourist sites. The Zojoji Buddhist temple right next is a historical landmark, similar to the Shiba nature park.

Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower information
Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower shape

Eiffel Tower houses two luxurious restaurants. One is on the first floor and the other on the second floor.

The third floor is the observation deck, which sits about 460 feet above the ground. One of the elevators at the Eiffel Tower is an exclusive lift for the Michelin star Jules Verne restaurant. 

The observation deck at Eiffel Tower offers indoor and outdoor spectacular views, day or night.

You can toast to the beautiful city with a chilled glass of champagne from the champagne bar on the deck.

As you leave, there are many gift shops and stores in the building where you can buy souvenirs for family and close friends.

Atop Tokyo Tower – The view is breathtakingly refreshing. The city’s skyscrapers and monuments are visible, giving one an unobstructed view of most of Tokyo.

Eiffel Tower’s surroundings are classical French buildings, famous monuments, and the numerously painted Seine River.

Visitors/Tourist information

Tokyo Tower receives numerous visitors a day, from first-time tourists to the residents of Tokyo.

You can make ticket purchases online or in person at the entrance of the building.

It is open all year round for all ages, but children below four access the tower free of charge.

The observation deck fee ranges from 500 yen per child to 3000 yen per adult for 20 minutes.

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The main deck is open to visitors from 9 am to 11 am. The top deck is open from 9 am to 10:45 pm.

Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world and receives millions of visitors annually.

The fees to visit the observatory range throughout the year depending on age, mode of access, and the observation deck.

Visitors pay from 2.70 euros per child/disabled person to 26.80 euros per adult.

Eiffel tower view

The Eiffel Tower observatory is open from 9 am to 11:45 pm, depending on the time of the year.

Tower Location

Tokyo Tower is conveniently located at Shibakoen, which is accessible by train, bus, or cab within Tokyo city.

Although there is no direct station at the tower, it takes a few minutes to walk from the nearest station to the building.

Weekdays are usually the perfect time to visit as there are no long queues to see the observation decks. 

Eiffel Tower stands out, right in the middle of Paris, at Champ de Mars. You can use the metro line from any part of the city, bus or taxi directly to the tower.

However, the train, bus, and taxi stops allow less than 10 minutes walk to the tower entrance. Alternatively, take a few hours of leisure stroll around Paris before getting to the tower.

Similarities of Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower

Despite their notable dissimilarities, Tokyo Tower and Eiffel Tower have several things in common.

They include:

  • The lights display change to mark events and occasions.
  • Both towers remain among the tallest monuments in their respective country.
  • The frame of both towers is in a triangle shape to make the structures solid against heavy winds.
  • Both towers have a cultural symbol for their people.
  • The function of the towers, as a communication site and observation deck, is similar.

7 Amazing Facts about Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower night lights
Tokyo Tower at night
  1. Tokyo Tower was built to commemorate Japan’s lucrative success after World War 11. 
  1. A few metals on the Tokyo Tower during construction are from American war tanks left from the war.
  1. The bold red and white colors of the Tokyo Tower comply with the international aviation law regarding tall structures. The law requires tall buildings to use orange and white for aviation safety.
  1. The paint on the Tokyo Tower is redone every five years, and it takes a year to complete the paint job. Thousands of gallons of paint are required for complete coverage of the steel frames.
  1. Most of the income from the Tokyo Tower comes from tourists and telecommunication equipment rental space.
  1. The glass floor on the top deck of Tokyo Tower can withstand almost 2 tons of weight. Safe for adults and children to walk on and view the ground.
  1. Tokyo Tower is lit to mark the day’s colors during special occasions, and costumes are available for photo sessions.

7 Amazing Facts about Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower lights
Eiffel tower at night
  1. The Eiffel Tower is a commemoration of the French Revolution and showcases the industrial development of France.
  1. The tower has changed colors severally and was once a bold yellow. The city of Paris adopted the current shades of brown in the late 60s.
  1. Painting of the Eiffel Tower is done every seven years. The three varying paint shades on the iron require gallons of paint to match the cityscape.
  1. It was the world’s tallest tower for several decades and has held the title among the world’s seven wonders.
  1. A special committee of 300 members initially opposed the tower. The committee of scholars and impressionists accused the French government of approving a worthless large project.
  1. Eiffel tower moves but only less than five inches under strong winds.
  1. Eiffel Tower is a favorite location for filmmakers and stunt performers. Bestselling movies and daredevils have used the tower in their productions to the delight of fans.

People Also Ask Questions: Tokyo Tower vs Eiffel Tower

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Tokyo Tower

1. Is Tokyo Tower a copy of the Eiffel Tower?

No. The architect of the Tokyo Tower design got inspiration from the Eiffel Tower. He, however, did not commission the construction of a replica as the two towers have many differences.

2. Does Tokyo Tower have stairs?

Yes. Tokyo Tower has 600 flights of outdoor stairs that visitors of all ages are encouraged to use. People who ascend the tower to the top observatory deck using the stairs get a free certificate. The certificate is given by the Nippon brothers, two mascots who stand at the tower entrance.

3. How many floors are there in the Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower is a 15-story structure. However, only four building floors are available, which house visitors’ attractions.

4. Is Tokyo Tower worth visiting?

Yes. Tokyo Towers offers a beautiful view of the city during the day and night under the spectacular lights display.

5. How long does it take to get to the top of the Tokyo Tower?

Using the stairs, one can take about 15 minutes to climb the observation deck. The elevators are much quicker though the queues may be extended on busy days.

6. Which receives more visitors, Tokyo Tower or Eiffel Tower?

Both towers receive their fair share of visitors. Eiffel Tower in Paris is a romantic destination that receives millions of tourists annually.

Tokyo Tower is famous among visitors to Japan and residents looking to mark special occasions like engagements.


Comparing Tokyo Tower vs. Eiffel Tower brings out the many reasons why visiting them should be part of your bucket list.

Whatever the purpose of your trip, if you are in Tokyo or Paris, make time to enjoy the breathtaking views. 

Celebrate a special occasion with loved ones on the Eiffel Tower or take a day trip with friends to Tokyo Tower.

A visit to either tower will not only be worth your time, but you can take hundreds of photos and videos. These methods are the best way to make lasting memories.

Booking a tour of both sites is easy as the information is readily available on local websites.

Tourist information centers in Tokyo and Paris enjoy directing visitors to the two similar structures with a twist.

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