9 Popular Sushi Rolls Everyone Needs to Taste

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The popularity of sushi has absolutely exploded over the past ten years.

Many people are opting for a healthy sushi option due to its low fat content and high levels of protein.

Tasty Popular Sushi Rolls
Are you ready to try the most popular sushi rolls?

As well as this, sushi rolls are incredibly tasty, incorporating unique flavors and ingredients.

Let’s take a look at 9 popular sushi rolls that are a must-try!

1. Rainbow Roll

Tasty Rainbow sushi roll
Rainbow sushi roll

If the name alone isn’t enough to tempt you the colors and unique flavors certainly will be! The rainbow roll is a symphony of color and taste. It’s made with sushi rice, seaweed, and various types of raw fish.

The roll is typically topped with thin slices of fish, creating a rainbow-like appearance, hence its name.

Once assembled, you may wish to serve the rolls alongside some of these popular sushi roll accompaniments:

  • Wasabi: A Japanese horseradish that is often served with sushi.
  • Pickled ginger: A popular accompaniment to sushi with a strong, spicy flavor.
  • Soy Sauce: Often offered as a dip alongside sushi rolls, it has a very salty taste.

2. Dragon Roll

Popular Dragon sushi roll
Dragon sushi roll

The dragon roll is a little bit more of a refined taste, but a definite must-try for any sushi fan!

Made with eel and avocado, it gets its name from how the avocado is laid on top of the rolls (like dragon scales). Very clever stuff!

Dragon rolls are usually made with eel, but some variations are made with tempura shrimp or crab meat in the rolls.

It’s often served with spicy mayo, giving the rolls that spicy dragon kick! Dragon rolls are a popular choice in Japanese restaurants, with many people loving the aesthetically pleasing dragon scales.

3. Spicy Salmon Roll

Tasty Spicy salmon roll
Spicy salmon roll

These rolls are a popular choice as many people have tasted salmon before and see them as a “safe” and familiar option if they are new to trying sushi.

That being said, these little rolls certainly pack a punch on the flavor front!

Usually, the salmon will be mixed with a spicy sauce, such as chili oil or sriracha. Many sushi restaurants will add additional spicy sauce and garnish with sesame seeds or onions.

Most people immediately recognize this as being traditional sushi, but the spice is where the flavors really come out to play!

The chili oil gives these rolls a real kick, making them a great option for those who want to try sushi but enjoy a stronger flavor.

4. Spider Roll

Tasty Spider sushi roll
Spider sushi roll

Try not to be too put off by the name! The spider roll is a deep-fried sushi made with soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber, and sometimes lettuce and spicy mayo.

You may be wondering where they got their name from. The name “spider” roll comes from the crab legs that stick out of the roll, very similar to those eight-legged friends of ours!

Despite their slightly crazy name, spider rolls remain a popular item in Japanese sushi restaurants, popular with diners all around the world.

5. Caterpillar Roll

Popular Caterpillar sushi roll
Caterpillar sushi roll

These fun rolls are an absolute must-try for lovers of sushi.

They are usually made with eel, cucumber, and avocado. The eel is grilled and placed on top of the roll, and the rolls are wrapped in sushi rice and nori (dried seaweed).

They get their name from the way the avocado is arranged on top of the rolls that are stacked together, resembling a caterpillar.

Caterpillar rolls will often be served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

6. Spicy Crab Roll

Tasty Spicy crab roll
Spicy crab roll

The spicy crab roll is great for people who want to try something a little different but want to stick with simple flavors.

The spicy crab roll typically contains crab meat, spicy mayonnaise, and cucumber. Other ingredients might be added too including mango and onions.

Many Japanese sushi restaurants use imitation crab meat, which is just white fish flavored to taste like crab. The reason for this is it tastes incredibly similar to real crab meat but at a reduced cost.

The key to making good spicy crab rolls is to roll them tightly using a bamboo mat and slice them into bite-sized pieces.

Many sushi fans like to try and create their own sushi at home. Spicy crab rolls are a great option for wannabe sushi chefs.

7. Alaska Roll

Popular Alaska sushi roll
Alaska sushi roll

The fresh flavors of salmon and cream cheese are the main players in the Alaska roll.

They are known for their distinct flavor and therefore a popular choice for people wanting to explore the flavors of sushi.

Sometimes other ingredients may be used such as tobiko (flying fish roe) and spicy mayonnaise to add flavor and heat to the rolls.

Alaska rolls are a popular choice with sushi lovers due to their creamy, unique flavor.

8. Volcano Roll

Tasty Volcano sushi roll
Volcano sushi roll

The volcano roll is just as exciting to taste as it sounds!

They usually consist of a filling of seafood such as eel, shrimp, or crab and then wrapped in nori and sushi rice. The rolls are then topped with a layer of spicy mayonnaise and another sauce.

The idea is that the layers give a volcano-like appearance. Adding to this look, the roll is torched for a charred, volcano-esque look.

The exact ingredients of the volcano roll can vary depending on where in the world it is prepared and what ingredients are available.

But, in general, the volcano roll is considered a more Westernized sushi roll, that is more popular in America than Japan due to the techniques and ingredients used not being as traditionally Japanese.

9. Dynamite Roll

Popular Dynamite sushi roll
Dynamite sushi roll

The dynamite roll consists of cooked seafood (usually crab or shrimp), avocado, and cucumber and is wrapped in nori and sushi rice.

A thin layer of mayonnaise gives the rolls a slightly creamy taste and they are often garnished with tobiko, or onions.

The rolls get their dynamite name from the spicy mayo sauce which runs through the rolls, giving them that famous dynamite roll spicy kick!

Many people opt for the dynamite roll when they are wanting a roll with a spicy edge. Not the best option for those who don’t like heat, but an absolute must-try for sushi fans who enjoy testing their taste buds!

Final Thoughts on Popular Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and it’s easy to see why.

These little rolls sure pack a punch in the flavor department! So why not give them a try?

For a total sushi newbie, perhaps try spicy tuna rolls to start, but test yourself with spicier flavors and more exotic ingredients.

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