Japanese Viral Foods on Social Media (Discover the Top 10)

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If you’re looking for out-of-this-world cuisine, Japan is the destination for you.

The Japanese are lighting up Instagram and Tik Tok with some amazing cuisine.

Japanese Viral Foods on Social Media
Japanese viral foods

Take a look at these amazing Japanese foods that are currently trending or going viral online!

10 Japanese Viral Foods on Social Media

These 10 attention-grabbing Japanese foods are currently mesmerizing millions on social media.

Japanese food is popular around the world and these fascinating sweet and savory dishes really show off the imaginative nature of Japanese cuisine.

Get your taste buds tingling with these trending Japanese foods:

10. Japanese Mcdonald’s

Japan has a way of taking the most regular things and making them amazing!

So you shouldn’t be surprised that Japanese McDonald’s has many cool options that you cannot find anywhere else on Earth!

9. Ice Cream Mochi

Mochi ice cream combines the chewy rice cake called mochi, with a cool and delicious ice cream center.

These mouthfuls are the perfect frozen treat and come in a zillion flavors. Ice cream mochi are now so popular that they are being sold in stores around the world!

8. Onigirazu (sushi sandwich)

The sushi sandwich has been viral all summer and is now hitting stores across the US.

It was only a matter of time before people demanded all their favorite sushi flavors conveniently stacked in a sandwich-style wrap with bite!

7. Gyoza Dumplings

The Japanese have made Gyoza 餃子 (ぎょうざ) dumplings their own, despite them originating in China.

These steam-fried pockets of goodness are blazing across social media with everyone having their own recipes. Gyoza is a big hit with vegans! 

⁠6. Matcha Raindrop Cake

Raindrop cakes have already been a social media hit, but it’s now the matcha version that has gone viral. This post shows you how you can recreate the matcha raindrop cake at home!

5. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

I never tire of seeing or eating these super-fluffy souffle pancakes that come from Japan.

The Japanese have a real sweet tooth and put maximum effort into presentation. These soft and fluffy kawaii pancakes are just the thing for a cute brunch or late-night dessert!

4. Taiyaki Ice Cream

This viral dessert trend has been exported around the world from Japan and shows no sign of slowing down.

The cool fish cone is actually a Japanese fish-shaped cake called a Taiyaki that is packed with ice cream and other goodies. 

3. Fluffy Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake

Japan’s super soft and jiggly baked cheesecake is another social media trend that has become a viral worldwide export.

A decent Japanese cheesecake has maximum jiggle and melts in your mouth. 

2. Okonomiyaki 

Okonomiyaki savory veggie pancakes are an emerging trend, with demand for this freshly fried treat increasing around the world.

It’s one of those great Japanese foods that you can make your own, with additions like yakisoba, eggs, and delicious marbled mayonnaise and sauce toppings.

1. Ginger Japanese Matcha Mont Blanc

This is undoubtedly one of Japan’s biggest viral food trends.

This 10-layered dessert that is straight outta Asakusa, Tokyo has an amazing matcha green tea mont blanc with gold leaf topping.

Beneath are cream green tea chestnut, mashed bean paste, lemon marmalade, green tea syrup, sponge cake, agar jelly, and mascarpone, enclosed in a waffle wrap. 

Japanese Viral Foods on Social Media FAQ

What are 3 famous foods in Japan?

Here are three foods that are famous in Japan and around the world:

Ramen (拉麺): a popular dish of wheat noodles served in a savory (miso or soy sauce) broth with ingredients like sliced pork, bamboo shoots, and scallions.

Sashimi (刺身): thinly sliced raw fish or meat served with soy sauce

Chicken Katsu (チキンカツ): A flattened breaded chicken cutlet that is deep fried and served with brown sauce. This is a type of Yōshoku, Japanized Western cuisine.

What is Japan’s most well-known food?

Sushi (すし) is undoubtedly the most well-known and successful Japanese food. This simple dish of raw fish served over vinegared rice was invented in the Edo period, but has since flourished in Japan and around the world, where it has become a $26 billion industry. 

What food is Tokyo known for?

Fukagawa-meshi (clam rice) is a classic Tokyo dish that consists of a savory soup of Japanese littleneck clams poured over a bowl of rice. The dish originated among fishermen of the Sumidagawa River in the Edo period and continues to be a Tokyo favorite. 

What food is Kyoto famous for?

Kyoto is known for its tofu dishes and yudofu (湯豆腐), tofu simmered with kelp is one of the city’s most famous recipes. This warming dish is served with tsuyu sauce made from soy, dashi, and mirin.

What food is Osaka known for?

Okonomiyaki, a crispy topped and toasted savory pancake is an Osaka staple. The toppings include squid, pork, shrimp, vegetables, and shrimp. Okonomiyaki is topped with brown sauce, mayo, fish flakes, and seaweed.

What food is unique to Japan?

Natto is a unique Japanese food that is certainly an acquired taste for foreigners. It is made from soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto bacteria. The bacterial fermentation creates a pungent odor and flavor that is like aged cheese. 

What are some fancy Japanese foods?

The Japanese esteem high-quality fresh produce as some of their fanciest food. Examples of fancy Japanese food include the Yubari Melon, Wagyu beef, and Matsutake Mushrooms. You can read about Japan’s most expensive food in my article ‘The 10 Most Expensive Foods in Japan’. 

Rounding Up

The viral food trends of Japan show no sign of slowing down. The Japanese are far too inventive to let that happen!

So make sure you have your smartphone or camera when you visit Japan so you can take plenty of selfies with this amazing Japanese cuisine!

These delicious foods are now being served around the world but they gonna taste better in Japan. Japan’s contemporary food scene is one of the best reasons to take that trip to Japan you were always planning. Score the best value flights, accommodation, and travel insurance for a Japanese culinary adventure!

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