How To Make Natto Taste Good

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Natto, a staple food from Japan, has gained considerable popularity in the United States and other parts of the world.

Social media platforms have influenced the rising trend of these fermented soybeans.

Unfortunately, the food has also gained a negative image due to its texture and smell. 

Make natto taste good
Tips on how to make natto taste good

Although natto is nutritious, most people cannot make it tasty. After eating a few packets, they simply stop preparing them.

However, there are many methods of making your natto meal delicious. The most critical aspect is ensuring you get out all the savory or umami in natto. 

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How To Make Natto Taste Good

People who have had natto either like it or hate it, especially in western nations.

Most foods do not have natto texture, smell, or taste. Despite its unique characteristics, natto is among the healthiest foods most people can access.

Therefore, to enjoy the meal, you need to eliminate the misconceptions, especially those relating to its smell.

Natto taste best fresh
Natto taste

Currently – Milder bacteria that do not have a strong smell are used to make natto. Also, you can try mixing it with your favorite meals and see what fits your palate.

Natto will taste better if you prepare it just before expiry.

At this moment, its umami component will be higher due to the prolonged fermentation period.

Ensure to mix thoroughly up to 400 times if necessary. It has been proven to taste better when you mix it more. 

After it gets foamy, add the sauce for more flavor.

You can eat it directly from the packaging, with a bowl of rice, or any other dish you find compatible.

If you are not comfortable eating natto from the package, try combining it with different recipes to add more flavor and reduce the nutty smell.

Below are some methods you can use to enhance the flavor of your Natto.

1. Eat fresh natto

Natto is prepared by fermenting soybeans that have been soaked in active bacteria.

If your natto seems browner with few molds, it has overstayed after fermentation.

Natto food

Fresh natto should look moldy on the surfaces. Its slimy outlook may be unpleasant to the eyes, but it is actually the best.

If the beans are not fresh, they can have a bad taste or even harm your health. Also, the soybeans are slimmer.

Therefore, look for natto that has a substantial white substance on its surface.

Remember selecting a suitable package will positively impact the taste of your meal. 

2. Try different brands

There are many Japanese companies manufacturing natto for external markets.

These companies have different ways in which they prepare their final products.

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In this case, different companies will have different products.

It is important to sample as many as possible to determine which brand suits your recipe.

In Most Cases – The difference comes from the type of beans used and the bacteria employed during the fermentation process. Over the years, many manufacturers have been using bacteria that do not produce a strong smell.

You can choose brands depending on how you like your natto.

I know people who love the strong smell of natto.

3. Check the Flavorings

Soy sauce, dashi, and mustard have always remained a popular combination of the flavoring available for various natto brands.

However, new manufacturers are becoming creative and enhancing the flavors to become more accommodating, especially to new users.

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For instance, combining the available flavoring with wasabi and daikon.  

Combining these flavors with the available sauce that comes with the package can enhance the taste.

Also, you can add more mustard and soy sauce since the one that comes with most brands is a bit economical. Try your favorite condiment and observe what flavor it brings. 

4. Bean Size Matters

Natto is available in the market in various sizes.

However, small soybeans are the most common due to their availability. You may also find natto that has de-skinned beans.

How to make natto
Make your own natto

Try different sizes and see what you prefer to make an insightful conclusion.

Nonetheless, note that the prices may vary depending on the type and size of the soybeans.

5. Hot or Cold?

In Japan, most people enjoy natto cold.

So you can store your natto in the refrigerator and eat tastier beans after mixing and flavoring.

However, in the US, most people prefer to eat it with hot rice or another hot dish of their choosing. 

Different Recipes For Tastier Natto

There are many recipes you can use while trying to enhance the taste of your natto meal.

Try different types of side dishes and broths and observe the outcome.

You may be surprised to come up with a perfect blend of food mixtures to add to your natto recipe. 

1. Natto with rice

Eating natto over rice is the most traditional and popular method.

You only need to prepare your natto, steam your rice, then serve together your favorite toppings.

Eating natto with rice
Natto rice

The toppings can include:

  • eggs
  • mayonnaise
  • seaweed
  • and green onions

You can also add soy sauce to the prepacked sauce and ensure to mix your beans properly to bring out that umami flavor.

2. Natto sushi

Nori maki eating natto
Nori maki

You can add natto to your homemade sushi and have a fantastic meal.

Try different vegetables on your sushi rolls, such as carrots and cucumbers.

Experiment with various vegetables and meats; it can be fun, especially with family and friends. 

3. Natto curry

Adding natto to your curry can offer a delicious meal.

You require onions, carrots, potatoes, and curry roux cubes. After preparing your curry, add your natto and serve with rice or noodles.

4. Natto with ramen 

Most of us enjoy hot broth soup, especially during the cold season. Amazingly, natto does well when mixed in a broth.

Eating Natto noodles
Natto with noodles

For those who do not like the stringy texture of natto and still want to reap its benefits, this can be an excellent opportunity to enjoy your meal.

Add some natto to your ramen and mix appropriately to bring out the required texture.

5. Grilled natto

Grilling can be seen as a challenging option for preparing an enjoyable natto meal, but it is pretty straightforward.

Put grated cheese, natto sauce, chopped green onions, and potato starch in a bowl and mix.

Heat up cooking oil in a pan and scoop your natto mixture in the pan. Heat until brown color appears on both sides.

It is a meal that you will enjoy, especially for breakfast. 

Eating natto tips

Final Thoughts

Natto is among the healthiest meals available.

You can even prepare natto in the comfort of your home. However, many people do not like the raw nature of natto primarily due to its texture and smell.

You can use different recipes to overcome its strong smell and nutty texture. Also, buying fresh natto with the correct amount of bacteria is essential.

Proper fermentation enhances the taste of the beans. Try using different natto brands and decide which you enjoy most, either cooked with a side dish or directly from the refrigerator.

Add your condiments to bring out the desired flavor. Also, research different recipes of how you can prepare a delicious meal from natto.

Even if you do not enjoy them plain, you will not lack a recipe that you will love. 

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