How Big Are The Beds in a Capsule Hotel (Can You Stretch Out?)

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If you’re planning to experience Japan on a budget, then staying in capsule hotels is an excellent option.

However, before reserving your space, it’s crucial to know the bed size and what amenities each hotel offers.

How Big Are The Beds in a Capsule Hotels
Hotel capsule

Being prepared will ensure that you have an enjoyable stay in one of these unique lodgings!

How Big Are The Beds in a Capsule Hotel

Space is at a premium and efficiency is key in Japan and many travelers opt to stay in capsule hotels.

Capsule Hotel Bed Size advice
Capsule Hotel Bed Size

These unique accommodations offer compact yet comfortable sleeping quarters that vary in size depending on the establishment.

At most capsule hotels, guests sleep in individual capsules or pods that are typically around 1 meter wide (3 ft) by 2 meters long (6 ft).

The height of the pod varies but it’s generally tall enough for someone to sit up comfortably inside without hitting their head on the ceiling.

While some may find these dimensions too small compared with traditional hotel rooms, they often provide just what one needs for an adequate night’s rest before embarking on another day of exploring this wonderful country!

Comfort and Space Considerations In Capsule Hotels

When it comes to capsule hotels in Japan, one thing that’s often overlooked is how they prioritize comfort and space.

Space Considerations In Capsule Hotels
Capsule hotels comfort

Despite the small size of each individual pod or room, these establishments are designed with the guest’s well-being in mind.

First and foremost, most capsules offer an impressive level of privacy – something highly valued in Japanese culture.

Each guest has their own little world within a larger shared area so you can have personal space even without much legroom.

Furthermore, many capsule hotels take great care to ensure their beds are comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep.

Expect them to be exceptionally clean as the housekeeping staff goes above and beyond when making up those tight spaces too!

Lastly on spaciousness: while some people might find it claustrophobic at first glance there’s more than enough headspace inside which is sometimes higher than in traditional bunk-style hostels (depending on height).

Tips For Choosing The Right Capsule Hotel Bed Size

Choosing capsule hotel bed size
Choosing the right capsule hotel bed size

1. Consider Your Height

When choosing the right bed size in a capsule hotel, it is important to consider your height first and foremost.

If you are taller than most people or around six feet tall (183cm), then opting for a larger-sized bed would be best.

2. Check The Bed Width

You should also check the width of the beds since some capsules have narrower dimensions compared to others that provide more space at an extra cost.

3. Avoid Claustrophobia By Opting For A Bigger Bed Size

If small spaces make you feel claustrophobic, going with somewhat bigger bedding will help avoid this sensation as well as ensure comfort throughout your stay in Japan’s popular capsule hotels.

4. Consider Added Comfort Features

Some high-end pod hotels introduce surprising features including TV screens inside each unit which helps during long stays by adding entertainment value.

However, while these conveniences might bump up costs slightly; they could lead to individuals feeling less boxed in!

5. Compare Costs And Prices

One significant recommendation when deciding on what sleeping quarters suit one’s needs constitutes comparing prices and balancing them against preferences such as room measurement alternatives.

Calculate whether bunk cot-style bedrooms suffice versus standalone singles.

So, thorough research provides greater satisfaction!

Alternatives To Capsule Hotels For Travelers Seeking Larger Beds

Best Hotels In Yonezawa guide


A traditional Japanese inn that offers larger beds than capsule hotels, usually with a tatami mat and futon for sleeping.

Business Hotels

While smaller in size than Western hotel rooms, business hotels offer relatively more generous dimensions compared to capsules at affordable prices.

Airbnb Rentals

For those who prefer their own space while traveling on a budget might desire an apartment rental provided by online marketplaces like Airbnb.

Hostels/Private Rooms

A hostel or private room option can help you get the most out of your money without sacrificing comfort.

They are often equipped with bunk-style mattresses or single/double-sized comfortable bedding options allowing way superior sleep experience over capsule hotel’s tiny bed spaces.

In Conclusion

In Japan, capsule hotels have become a popular option for budget-conscious travelers or those looking to experience something unique.

The size of the bed in these establishments varies but they are typically designed to provide sufficient space and comfort while maximizing limited floor area within each pod.

Overall, if you’re planning on staying at a capsule hotel, it’s important to research its various amenities before making your booking!

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