Can Japanese Men Grow Beards? (Culture and Beard styles)

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When it comes to facial hair, Japanese culture is quite unique.

While many Westerners think of beards as a symbol of manliness, in Japan they are often considered unsightly or even dirty.

Can Japanese Grow Beards?
Japanese beards culture and styles

As a result, most Japanese men do not grow beards, and those who do usually keep them trimmed short.

But is this cultural aversion to beards starting to change?

Let’s take a look at the history of facial hair in Japan and some of the current beard styles popular among Japanese men.

Can Japanese Grow Beards?

Yes, the Japanese can grow beards. In fact, some Japanese men have very impressive beards. However, it is worth noting that not all Japanese men can grow thick, full beards. It really depends on the individual’s facial hair growth pattern.

The ability to grow a beard is determined by genetics, and Japanese men generally have the same facial hair characteristics as other Asian men.

This means that they are capable of growing facial hair, but the density and thickness of their beards will vary.

Japanese man with a beard
Growing beard Japanese man

While some Japanese men may be able to grow full, thick beards, others may only be able to grow patchy or sparse facial hair.

In General – Those of Japanese descent are more likely to have trouble growing dense beards than men from other population groups.

However, there are exceptions to every rule, and some Japanese men do have thick, luxurious beards.

Whether or not a man can grow a beard is largely out of his control; it is up to his genes.

The History of Facial Hair in Japan

Facial hair has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries.

In the Edo period (1603-1868), many samurai wore a long mustache and a style called chonmage. This was done to help hold their helmets in place during the battle.

During the Meiji period (1868-1912), the chonmage fell out of fashion and was replaced by Western-style mustache and sideburns.

This trend continued into the Taisho period (1912-1926) and early Showa period (1926-1989).

It was not until the late Showa period that beards began to become popular in Japan.

In the 1980s – Some Japanese men started to grow their hair out and style it into what is known as the “macho look.” This trend continued into the 1990s when more and more Japanese men began to experiment with facial hairstyles.

The current beard craze in Japan can be traced back to 2007 when the first “Beard Festival” was held in the city of Fukuoka.

This event was organized by a group of facial hair enthusiasts and featured a variety of beard and mustache styles.

Since then, the popularity of beards has grown exponentially in Japan.

In Recent Years: There have been several beard-related events, including the Tokyo Beard Festival and the Osaka Beard Festival.

Japanese Beard Culture

Beard culture in Japan has a long and storied history, dating back to the Edo period.

In those days, it was common for samurai to wear their hair in a topknot, with a long beard left hanging down the chest.

This style became known as “chonmage”, and was adopted by the general population as a way to show support for the samurai class.

During the Meiji period, however, beards fell out of fashion and were seen as a symbol of the old order.

This trend continued into the 20th century when Japanese men began to adopt Western styles of dress and grooming.

Beards became increasingly rare and were generally only seen on older men.

In recent years, though, there has been a resurgence of interest in facial hair among young Japanese men.

This new generation of beard-lovers is inspired by international celebrities like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, as well as Japanese hipsters who have embraced the “hipster” look.

As a Result – Beards are now seen as a trendy and stylish accessory, and there are even barbershops specializing in beard care.

10 Japanese Beard Styles

The Japanese people have a long and rich history of facial hair.

In fact, the art of beard styling in Japan dates back centuries.

Today, there are still many men who sport traditional Japanese beard styles.

Here are the top 10 Japanese beard styles.

1. Full Japanese Beard

One of the most popular and well-known Japanese beard styles is the full beard.

This style is typically characterized by a thick, full beard that covers the entire face.

The hair is usually left natural, without any trimming or shaping.

2. Pai Mei Warrior Look

The Pai Mei style is named after a character in the film Kill Bill.

This style involves dying the bearded white and then shaping it into long, thin strands that hang down from the chin.

3. Chin Beard

The chin beard is a small patch of hair that is grown on the chin.

This style is common among Japanese men who want to maintain a clean-shaven look.

4. Long Ducktail Beard

The long ducktail beard is another popular Japanese beard style.

This style involves growing the hair out long and then shaping it into a ducktail at the bottom.

The hair on the sides is usually trimmed short, while the hair on the chin is left long.

5. Patchy Goatee

The patchy goatee is a style that is popular among young Japanese men.

Patchy Goatee beards
Patchy Goatee beard style

This style involves shaving the hair on the sides of the face, leaving only a small patch of hair on the chin.

This patch is then shaped into a small, pointy goatee.

6. Japanese Stubble

Japanese stubble is a style that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan.

This style involves allowing the beard to grow out to a length of about 5mm.

The hair is then trimmed evenly all around, resulting in a soft, fuzzy look.

7. Chinstrap Beard

The chinstrap beard is a style that involves shaving the hair on the sides of the face, leaving only a thin strip of hair running along the jawline.

This strip is then trimmed to be very thin, giving the appearance of a “chinstrap”.

8. Japanese Van Dyke

The jinmenken is a Japanese folkloric creature that is said to have the head of a human and the body of a dog.

This beard style is inspired by this creature and involves shaving the hair on the sides of the face, leaving only a thick strip of hair in the middle.

This strip is then shaped into thin, pointy strands that resemble the teeth of a comb.

9. Japanese Long Goatee

The Japanese long goatee is a style that is similar to the Western goatee.

It involves leaving a strip of hair on the chin and then letting the rest of the beard grow out long.

This style is often seen with mustaches, but it can also be worn without one.

10. Circle Beard

Circle Beard Japan style
Circle Beard

The circle beard is another popular facial hairstyle in Japan.

This style is similar to the full beard, but the hair is only allowed to grow around the mouth, giving it a circular appearance.


Yes, Japanese men can grow beards, but it is not a common sight.

In fact, beards are generally seen as unkempt and untidy, so most Japanese men prefer to remain clean-shaven.

There is a small subculture of Japanese men who do embrace facial hair, however, and you’ll occasionally see bearded men in hipster neighborhoods or at music festivals.

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