17 Anime Characters With Beards (In Alphabetical Order)

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Alright, folks! Today’s topic is all about the facial hair kings of anime.

Yes, you heard it right – we’re talking about those good old beards that make our favorite characters stand out from the rest.

Beards have been making quite a buzz in some popular titles throughout recent years and for obvious reasons; they add an unparalleled sense of masculinity to any character design.

Anime Characters With Beards guide
Anime characters with beards – Jet Black

Not to mention playing up their distinctive individuality as well.

So, sit back and relax as we take a look at 17 Anime charactersw with beards who rock (or grew!) these facial hairs with great pride while commanding respect both onscreen and off-screen alike!

1. Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma Sarutobi, the infamous Jonin from the Naruto anime series, is one of those few characters who managed to pull off a beard effortlessly.

He appeared cool and rugged at first sight but it was his personality that captured hearts. His iconic tobacco smoking scenes with his ‘partner’ Shikamaru Nara are still fresh in our minds.

Asuma played a significant part throughout Shippuden’s chronicles by guiding young generation ninjas hailing from Leaf Village named Team 10 which included:

  • Ino Yamanaka
  • Choji Akamichi
  • Shikamaru Nara

Together they faced formidable enemies like Hidan & Kakuzu as well as other Deadly orgs.

The black beard Asuma sported wasn’t just any usual fashioned facial hair – it symbolized maturity with the expertise he gained over time becoming a powerful figure amongst leaf village ninjas contributing towards peacekeeping missions.

Truly showcasing why beards can provide attractive appeal making sure you Never underestimate them!

2. Bleach (Ichibei Hyosube)

Bleach is one of the most popular anime series that revolves around a young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, who gains the powers of a Soul Reaper after an encounter with another Shinigami.

But today we’re not here to talk about Ichigo; instead, let’s focus on his mentor and advisor in all matters spiritual – The old man with a massive beard -Ichibei Hyosube.

Ichibei is part monk but also holds an important position as Head Monk in charge of maintaining a balance between worlds.

Over the years he has gained immense respect among other characters due to his vast knowledge of:

  • Different cultures
  • Languages
  • History

This makes him someone you’ll want by your side during any apocalypse or life-threatening situation.

And then there’s his huge characteristic beard! It gives off fatherly vibes which coupled quite well given how much care he shows towards those under him.

Undoubtedly In Bleach-verse, this character quickly became one fan favorite whose wisdom ears no division or race boundaries – just like us humans should learn from each other without prejudice based solely on looks.

3. Chaa

Chaa is the anime character with a beard! This mighty warrior hails from “The Seven Deadly Sins” and has become an iconic figure among fans of the show.

Chaa is known for his massive build and gruff demeanor but what truly sets him apart are those luscious curls on his chin.

Chaa’s beard serves as both protection in battle and symbolizes his expertise in combat. It also shows off his masculinity that many aspiring warriors strive to achieve themselves.

“The Seven Deadly Sins,” follows a group of powerful knights who must save their kingdom after it falls under demonic control.

The series combines action-packed fight scenes, with deep character development making this anime one worth watching!

4. Danjuro Tobita

This cool dude appears in “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor,” an action-packed TV series full of gambling, cheating, and thrills galore.

But let’s be honest: what we’re all here for is his awesome facial hair game.

Tobita rocks a thick black goatee paired up with long sideburns that give him an air of sophistication mixed with rawness.

It may not exactly make sense to have such stylish whiskers when scheming to win at games rigged against you – but who cares? He looks fierce enough to take on anything!

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5. Flit Asuno

Flit Asuno is a character from the anime series Gundam AGE, and he rocks one of the best beards in all of anime.

The beard itself is thick and well-groomed, but it’s not just for show – Flit uses his facial hair as an extension of his personality.

As a skilled engineer and inventor, Flit takes great pride in both himself and his inventions.

His beard represents this pride, providing him with confidence when working on new projects or facing challenges head-on.

And despite its thickness making it seem like more maintenance would be required than usual to keep trim, our dear protagonist manages quite skillfully!

Flit’s determination can also be seen reflected in how closely he maintains that beard grooming routine — always trimming those strays meticulously.

6. Gildarts Clive

Let’s talk about Gildarts Clive, the wicked wizard from Fairy Tail with one of the most epic beards in anime.

Seriously, that thing could give Dumbledore a run for his money. We first meet Gildarts in season two when he arrives at Tenrou Island to participate in the S-class Wizard Promotion Exam.

And let me tell you, this dude is an absolute powerhouse. He can crash through mountains and take down powerful foes without batting an eye – all while maintaining perfect beard grooming.

But what I love about Gildarts isn’t just his incredible magical abilities or facial hair game; it’s also his laid-back attitude and goofy sense of humor (he once compared Natsu Dragneel to a cat who had licked up too much honey).

So if you’re looking for some serious beard goals paired with some lighthearted moments amidst intense battles, then look no further than our man Gildarts Clive!

7. Hohenheim

Hohenheim is a beloved character in the anime world of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Voiced by Masashi Ebara, Hohenheim’s beard definitely adds to his mystique and intrigue as a philosopher’s stone user.

Being an immortal alchemy master also helps add some credibility to this bearded man!

Throughout the show, we see glimpses into Hohenheim’s past life when he was once known as Slave #23.

However, no matter what disguise or identity our favorite white-bearded figure takes on throughout the Fullmetal saga – one thing remains constant: that dopey grin he wears with pride showing us all why good fathers rock both philosophically and facially speaking!

8. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero is without a doubt, one of the most iconic bearded anime characters out there.

As the chairman of the Hunter Association and known as “The Greatest Martial Artist in The World”, his impressive beard adds to his already charismatic personality.

His facial hairstyle exudes experience, wisdom, and strength that embodies everything he stands for – justice with no exceptions!

Whether it’s during fights or just standing around making decisions- this man brings pure elegance with every stroke on those whiskers; surpassed only by how powerful each hit feels when delivered from him onto his challenger’s face!

9. Jet Black

Jet Black is one of the most badass anime characters with a beard. He’s from Cowboy Bebop, an epic space-western that first aired in 1998.

Jet spent his youth as a cop but left after losing an arm during a dangerous mission. Now he captains the ship “Bebop” alongside Spike and their team of bounty hunters.

Jet’s trademark look includes stubble lining his jawline, creating character depth through texture while highlighting his grizzled determination to get things done no matter what it takes!

His authoritative voice pairs flawlessly with that fiercely trimmed facial hair – reminding us why beards are considered powerful grooming statements even by animated heroes!

10. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is part of the popular anime series called Tiger & Bunny where he works as an experienced veteran superhero known by his alias “Wild Tiger”.

Aside from having great skills in combat and superhuman physical abilities, what sets him apart from others in this show is that impressive facial hair!

Kotetsu sports a thick black beard complemented by bushy sideburns which add to his already well-rounded appearance.

Many fans have praised how it gives more character depth to Wild Tiger aside from being just another tough guy who beats up bad guys.

11. Lordgenome

If you don’t know who this anime character is, he appears in the show Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. But honestly, it’s hard to miss him with that magnificent facial hair of his.

Lordgenome has a bushy white beard that extends past his chest – I mean seriously impressive stuff here folks.

The best part? It totally fits with his imposing presence as an incredibly powerful villain in the series.

Overall, if you appreciate beards like we do then put some respect on Lordgenome’s name (and chin).

12. Meme Oshio

This dude has got some serious beard game going on.

Like seriously, it’s so thick and full that I’m pretty sure he could hide snacks in there if he wanted to (which is honestly a brilliant idea).

But aside from his facial hair prowess, Meme also happens to be one of the show’s most enigmatic and intriguing characters.

He works as an oddity specialist who helps protagonist Koyomi Araragi with various supernatural problems throughout the series – all while maintaining his calm demeanor and killer fashion sense.

So yeah, Meme may have a great beard but there’s so much more to him than just that!

13. Nefertari Cobra

Nefertari Cobra, the king of Alabasta in the One Piece anime series is an iconic character with a well-groomed beard.

His appearance is that of someone who has seen many years and battles but still stands tall as a proud ruler.

Cobra’s refined mannerisms show wisdom beyond his age which can easily make him anyone’s favorite character on the show.

Additionally, Nefertari Cobra’s magical powers allow him to control wind and sand making it seem like he could take down any opponent even without drawing his sword from its sheath!

With such an impressive resume combined with a strikingly handsome facial hair style, this animanga fan got her bearded hero to fix thanks to King Cobra himself!

14. Ox-King

The Ox-King is a prominent character in the Dragon Ball anime series with quite an impressive beard.

As his name suggests, he’s one of the strongest characters and typically sports armor emblazoned with ox horns on either side.

He has long white hair and a very thick bushy light grey-white mustache that extends to both sides of his face.

Equally known for demonstrating some occasional funny behavior, The Ox King makes up for it by being fiercely loyal to those closest to him such as Goku.

The sheer size of the man coupled together with this rough yet majestic facial mane adds depth not just within this fictional universe but also set examples beyond mainstream media about varied dignified traits.

15. Sig Curtis

Sig Curtis is a tough and burly character from Fullmetal Alchemist with a beard that could put any lumberjack to shame.

He may seem intimidating at first glance but deep down he is a big softie who cares for his family above all else.

His impressive facial hair is not just for show either; it serves as a reminder of his past as an alchemist in the military where beards were strictly prohibited unless you held high rank.

In short, Sig embodies both strength and sentimentality while sporting some serious face fuzz.

16. Tazuna

For those who don’t know, Tazuna is a character from the anime Naruto – you might recognize him as the bridge builder with an attitude.

But let me tell you, his most distinguishing feature has got to be that big ol’ bushy beard of his!

It gives him such a rugged look and really adds to his cool factor in my opinion.

Plus, it just makes sense for someone like Tazuna who spends so much time working outside in harsh conditions.

He definitely stands out among all those clean-shaven characters – go Tazuna and your awesome beard!

17. Yuugo Tennouji

Yuugo Tennouji is one of the most notable anime characters with a beard. If you haven’t seen Steins; Gate yet, first off go watch it because it’s amazing!

But if you have then let’s dive into this character and his epic facial hair.

Often referred to as Mr.Braun in the show, this bulky man is always ready for action no matter what size threat comes their way.

And that rugged look? Well, his stubble gives him an air of authority among those he works with at CRT – all while maintaining just enough scruff to keep things interesting (and intimidating).

He knows how to rock a great set of whiskers like nobody else!

In Conclusion

Bearded anime characters have become some of the most beloved and iconic in the world.

These facial-haired fighters bring a fierce sense of masculinity to their respective series, while also showcasing unique personalities through their grooming choices.

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