How to Get to Takachiho Gorge

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Are you looking for an amazing natural sight to visit in Japan?

Then make your way to Takachiho Gorge. This stunning destination is located in the midst of the countryside and is definitely worth a visit.

How to get to Takachiho Gorge in Japan
How to get to Takachiho Gorge

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best views in the country.

Takachiho Gorge is a sight that should not be missed if you are traveling in Japan.

This natural wonder can be found smack dab in the middle of rural Japan and offers some of the most beautiful views in all of Asia.

How to Get to Takachiho Gorge

The best method to get to the Takachiho Gorge is to travel via Shinkansen, train, or plane from Fukuoka, Kumamoto, or Miyazaki. There are direct buses from there to the Takachiho region.

The quickest method to get to the Takachiho Gorge is to travel via Shinkansen, train, or plane from Fukuoka, Kumamoto, or Miyazaki.

There are direct buses from there to the Takachiho region.

The Takachiho Bus company operates from all three airports, as well as from Kumamoto and Miyazaki Stations.

The trip takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Fukuoka, 2 hours from Kumamoto, and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Miyazaki.

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How To Get To Takachiho Gorge From Kumamoto

Takachiho Gorge from Kumamoto
Get to Takachiho Gorge from Kumamoto

Takachiho Gorge is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kumamoto, and for good reason.

The gorge is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Japan, and the area is also rich in history and culture.

If you’re planning a trip to Kumamoto, here’s how to get to Takachiho Gorge from Kumamoto Station.

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By Car

If you have a rental car, you should consider driving to Takachiho from Kumamoto.

The drive only takes approximately 2 hours, and the scenery along the way is breathtaking.

It’s also a good idea to combine your vacation to Aso, Kurokawa Onsen, and Takachiho’s secret location.

The drive is fairly straightforward, with rolling hills as you weave through the breathtaking Mount Aso region.

It is, without a doubt, an incredible self-driving adventure.

Parking in Takachiho Gorge

In the Takachiho Gorge region, there are three primary parking lots.

We suggest parking in the car park, which is nearest to the rental boat ride.

The parking fee is ¥500. There is a limited parking lot available, which is frequently filled during peak hours.

If this lot is full, you might have to park at the Araragi Car Park at ¥300.

By Bus

This route, operated by Kyushu Sanko and Miyazaki Kotsu (Miyako), takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

The bus will then continue to Nobeoka. However, the majority of passengers will disembark at Takachiho Bus Center.

Getting to Takachiho Gorge sight
Getting to Takachiho Gorge

Bus Timetables

The Tachikawa Sightseeing Loop around Kumamoto, which takes roughly three hours to complete and is served by the JR limited express bus, runs between Takachiho and Kumamoto with just two buses each day.

Keep in mind that there are two major stations in Kumamoto:

  1. the main station (Kumamoto Station) linked to Shinkansen high-speed bullet train service
  2. and the JR Kumamoto City Station

Buses depart from Kumamoto station (9:11 and 15:31) and Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Station (9:22 and 15:42) to the Takachiho Bus Center (No. 6).

The bus platform is located at No. 6, as seen on the map.

Bus Ticket Cost

You may purchase your bus tickets at the Kumamoto Bus station or directly from the driver.

However, it is suggested that you make a reservation ahead of time. Please keep in mind that the reserve ticket is not the same as a bus ticket.

Before getting on the bus, you must exchange your seat ticket at any terminal.

Passengers with seat tickets have priority to board the bus first, with seats allocated during booking.

Passengers without a reservation will be assigned to seats as needed by the driver.

The cheapest one-way ticket costs ¥2,410 per person, which includes a SunQ Pass.

This route is covered by the SunQ Pass.

However, if you want to travel to both Southern and Northern Kyushu, you must purchase the SunQ All Kyushu pass.

How To Get To Takachiho Gorge From Miyazaki

Takachiho Gorge tour
Takachiho Gorge boat tours

If you’re looking for an incredible natural sightseeing spot in Japan, look no further than the Takachiho Gorge.

This breathtaking gorge is located on the eastern coast of Kyushu and can be easily accessed from Miyazaki City.

Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your visit.

Getting to Takachiho Gorge from Miyazaki has more transport choices, but because of the infrequent transportation pattern, it is also more difficult.

You can take a bus or train from Miyazaki to Nobeoka.

After that, you’ll have to change to a local bus to reach the Takachiho Bus Center.

The Direct bus from Miyazaki to Takachiho leaves only once per day during peak season.

By Car

Driving from Miyazaki is more convenient than using the bus.

It’s around 140 kilometers from Miyazaki and takes about 2.5 hours to get there if you take the toll route.

All road signs point to Takachiho.

By Bus

There are a few ways to get to Takachiho Gorge from Miyazaki, but the easiest and most popular way is by bus.

Takachiho Gorge walking area
Takachiho Gorge walking trails

Bus Ticket Cost

The bus between Miyazaki, Nobeoka, and Takachiho does not require a reservation.

However, a reservation is necessary for the express bus that travels from Miyazaki to Takachiho.

Please visit the Hyperdia or YahooTransit websites for train information. The overall cost of a bus ticket is around ¥2,550.

Direct Bus from Miyazaki to Takachiho

The Beppu-Takachiho bus goes from Miyazaki to Takachiho (Going: 8:30, Return 15:00).

Only one bus per day runs, however it may not operate every day.

Normally, the bus will run on weekends, during peak season, and on Japan Public Holidays.

Reservations are necessary. Please double-check the operating schedule if you intend to make this choice.

By Bus from Miyazaki to Nobeoka

The only buses that depart from Miyazaki Bus Center on weekdays (6:10, 13:30, 17:40) and weekends (9:50, 13:30, 17:40) are three.

Buses from Nobeoka to Miyazaki depart at 8:30, 14:30, and 17:35 daily.

Enjoying Takachiho Gorge
Visiting Takachiho Gorge

By Local Bus from Nobeoka to Takachiho

It takes roughly 90 minutes to get from Takachiho Bus Center to the city center.

The bus is a local transportation coach. It’s not as comfortable compared to a highway bus.

There is approximately one bus per hour, starting at 5 am and ending at 8 pm.

By Train

By Train from Miyazaki to Nobeoka

There is at least one train every hour, and the most frequent peak-hour service is three trains.

In comparison with the bus, the Express Train (64 minutes, ¥2,630) and local train (93 minutes, ¥1,680) are faster and more regular.

How To Get To Takachiho Gorge From Fukuoka

If you’re looking for an amazing day trip from Fukuoka, look no further than Takachiho Gorge.

This natural wonder is located in the Miyazaki Prefecture and is well worth the journey.

Famous Japanese city Fukuoka at night
Fukuoka city at night

With its stunning scenery and abundance of activities, it’s easy to see why Takachiho Gorge is a popular tourist destination.

By Bus

Some visitors prefer to travel to Takachiho from Fukuoka.

Taking the bus. There are two buses in the morning (8:05 and 10:05) and two buses in the afternoon (15:30, and 17:30).

Buses operate between Tenjin Bus Terminal and Hakata Bus Station, as well as Fukuoka International Airport.

Please visit the Highway Bus website for further information about the bus timetable. At 4,100, one travel takes roughly 220 minutes.

Bus Tickets Cost

Reservations are required for highway buses in Japan. One trip takes approximately 160 minutes and costs $4,100.

Getting To Takachiho Gorge And Around

Beautiful Takachiho Gorge
Takachiho Gorge in Japan

Once you arrive at Takachiho Bus Center, you can travel anywhere in the Takachiho area.

However, the majority of the attractions, particularly the Takachiho Gorge, are located outside of the town center.

From the bus station, there are only a few choices for getting to Takachiro Gorge.

Transport Option To Takachiho Gorge

If you’re looking for an amazing day trip from Fukuoka, look no further than the Takachiho Gorge.

This natural wonder is located in Miyazaki Prefecture and can be reached by shuttle bus, taxi, electric bicycle, or by walking.

Here’s a look at your options for getting there.

By Shuttle Bus

Connecting significant sights such as Takachiho Gorge, Amanoiwato and Takachiho Shrine, and others, there is just one trip at $200, and only cash is accepted.

On a regular workday, however, there is no bus.

From April through November, buses only run during peak season, primarily on weekends and public holidays.

By Taxi

When you exit the Takachiho Bus Station, taxis are waiting to pick you up.

The cab fee ranges from ¥800 to ¥3,000 depending on your destination and group size. They may also arrange for a taxi ride to take you to all of the sights for a set fee.

See the attached for further information.

By Electric Bicycles

Another mode of transportation is available in the Takachiho area.

You may rent a bike from Takachiho Tourist Information for 300 yen per hour or 1,500 yen per day.

Please keep in mind that the return journey will be hilly.

Takachiho Gorge boats
Takachiho Gorge waterfalls

By Walking

Except for the Amano Iwato Shrine, good walkers can reach the majority of Takachiho’s attractions on foot.

The Takachiho Gorge is approximately a 30-minute walk from the bus stop. You can combine your visit to Takachiho Shrine.

The tiny trail back to the bus terminal, on the other hand, is an uphill climb that can be exhausting, especially for the elderly.

Takachiho Tourist Information Center

If you require any additional assistance, please contact the Machinaka Tourist Information Center, which is located directly across from the Takachiho Bus Center.

They are quite helpful and can communicate in English.

The helpful staff provides us with some essential information.

Inside, you may acquire all the information and brochures about the Takachiho area’s attractions.

Inside, there is a rest space, a restroom, bicycle rentals, and luggage assistance.


Takachiho Gorge is a place of natural beauty and wonders in Japan.

If you are looking to visit this site, there are a few ways that you can get there.

In this article, we outline the different methods for getting to Takachiho Gorge, so that you can choose the best way for your needs.

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