11 Japanese Shows on Netflix (Trending Right Now)

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Japanese shows are something else.

There are tons of great stuff that Netflix is showing and that is worth checking out.

Japanese Shows on Netflix
Looking for Japanese shows on Netflix?

These Japanese shows have incredible acting crews along with stunning picture quality that makes you feel immersed in every scene.

Here are 11 Japanese shows that you can watch on Netflix.

1. The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House is a Netflix original show that explores the traditions and culture of traditional Japanese cuisine.

The series focuses on young women, also known as maikos, who are trained to become geishas in Kyoto’s Gion district.

The story follows one particular Makanai or apprentice cook, Fumiyo-san, who learns how to prepare exquisite dishes using seasonal ingredients and age-old techniques from her mentor Kimi Ota-san.

Along with cooking delicious meals fit for royalty in this ancient tea house environment it commentates upon ritualistic aspects of life such as customs surrounding tea ceremonies striving for utmost perfectionism.

The stunning cinematography captures every detail presented & brings out unparalleled beauty inherent within customary practices offered by Japan’s rich culinary history – making you appreciate everything about their food choices!

2. Samurai Gourmet

Samurai Gourmet is a new Japanese show on Netflix that’s gaining popularity among viewers all around the world.

The series follows Takeshi Kasumi, a newly-retired salaryman who discovers his love for food and dining after embarking on various culinary adventures in Tokyo.

As he navigates through different restaurants and tastes traditional dishes, he also learns about life lessons from Samurai figures of the past.

The tone of this sweet comedy-drama embraces slow living with some great highlights into Japanese cooking culture–and not least as it explores how one man rediscovers himself following retirement.

Overall, Samurai Gourmet captivates an audience beyond animé lovers to those looking for something unique & industrious.

3. Good Morning Call

Good Morning Call is a Japanese drama series on Netflix that follows the life of Nao Yoshikawa, an ordinary high school student who moves into her own apartment after convincing her parents.

Everything seems fine until she realizes that she’s not alone in the house – popular boy Uehara Hisashi also lives there without anyone knowing.

Despite being total opposites, they make a deal to keep their living arrangement secret and share expenses equally.

The show exhibits all facets of teenage romance such as vulnerability, jealousy & tentative first love with its interesting cast portraying relatable characters dealing with everyday struggles.


Followers is a Japanese show on Netflix that revolves around the social media obsession of millennials.

The series follows multiple characters, including an aspiring actress and her manager/social media strategist who are trying to make it big in Tokyo’s entertainment industry.

As they navigate their way through high-pressure job demands and online fame, they begin to realize that no one can escape from the harsh realities of life – not even those with thousands or millions of followers.

Followers highlight how social media affects our lives both positively and negatively while also exploring important themes such as friendship, love, betrayal, ambition & sacrifice!

5. Ju-On: Origins

Ju-On: Origins is a Japanese horror series that explores the unsettling origins of the supernatural curse depicted in the J-horror classic, Ju-On.

The show follows paranormal investigator Yasuo Odajima, who becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind a mysterious haunted house after encountering its sinister past residents as part of his work.

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With chilling and gruesome scenes executed masterfully throughout every episode of this six-part Netflix original miniseries by director Sho Miyake combined with an eerie soundtrack to layer on top of suspenseful moments – it’s definitely not for those prone to nightmares!

Overall, Ju-on: Origins perfectly captures what made Japan’s legendary ghost story so iconic across generations while bringing fresh ideas into play too!

6. Atelier

Atelier is a Japanese show on Netflix that follows the story of Mayuko Tokita, a young woman who lands her dream job at Emotion – an exclusive lingerie company in Tokyo.

The plot revolves around Mayuko’s struggles to find acceptance among her new colleagues and learning about crafting high-end undergarments by drawing inspiration from everyday life.

Atelier has brilliantly shown the ups and downs of being part of such creative industries while dealing with workplace politics, romance drama along strict deadlines.

All beautifully captured throughout this 13-episode series making it interesting for those interested in fashion or just looking for something different than their average romantic sitcoms!

7. First Love

First Love is a captivating Japanese show available on Netflix. The series tells the story of two young lovers, Hikari and RIkako, who meet in Tokyo during their teenage years.

They fall madly in love with each other but are forced to part ways due to unexpected events.

Years down the line as adults, they happen to cross paths again which ignites old feelings between them both.

They face challenges such as failed relationships and career changes that seem unfulfilling however find joy when together.

Their chemistry presents an overwhelming intensity pointing out just how much first loves can shape one’s life forever.

8. The Many Faces of Ito

The Many Faces of Ito is a Japanese drama comedy series that premiered on Netflix in 2018.

This show follows the story of Rio Yazaki, an aspiring screenwriter who falls into despair after being betrayed and dumped by her boyfriend.

To get over the breakup, she decides to focus on creating a love story for herself through writing scripts but gets caught up in various relationship dramas involving multiple people named Ito – all with different personalities and identities.

Throughout its ten-episode run (plus two original specials), The Many Faces of Ito explores themes around love, relationships, and jealousy while providing audiences with witty humor alongside moments of heartfelt emotions mixed throughout each episode making it one binge-worthy watch!

9. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre is a Netflix original series that features horror short stories written by legendary manga artist Junji Ito.

The show explores various themes such as fear, obsession, and paranoia in each episode by animating several of his well-known works like Tomie and Uzumaki.

The animated style maintains its faithfulness to the source material with its own eerie animation reminiscent of classic anime shows made in Japan during the early 90s-2000 period mixed with modern techniques.

Fans who love psychological horror will definitely appreciate this show’s unique perspective on what terror can do to an individual or even society itself!

10. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura is a Japanese anime show that’s available on Netflix. The storyline revolves around rich entrepreneurs who hire powerful gladiators to fight in battles known as “Kengan Matches”.

These matches take place to determine which business will have the ultimate control over Japan; whoever wins becomes dominant and influential in political affairs, economy, and culture.

The main character of this series is Tokita Ohma – an exceptionally skilled fighter with incredible strength & skills that come from being trained by his late master.

Throughout the course of Kegan Ashura he fights against other fighters hired by different businesses all across Japan with one goal: To win every match so they can seize overall power!

As you watch each episode expect lots of violence, and thrilling action sequences filled with intense combat sports scenes where opponents go head-to-head!

11. Thermae Romae Novae

Thermae Romae Novae is a Japanese series available on Netflix, which tells the story of Lucius Modestus, an ancient Roman bathhouse architect who finds himself transported through time to modern-day Japan.

There he discovers new and innovative ideas for public bathing that challenge his traditional views.

The 6-episode show offers a unique blend of comedy and history with interesting insights into both contemporary Japanese society as well as ancient Rome’s culture around communal baths.

With stunning visuals and witty dialogues, Thermae Romae Novarefreshingly entertains while educating audiences about historical traditions still impacting our world today, a delightful must-watch for anyone interested in architecture or cultural exchange!

In Conclusion

These 11 Japanese shows are totally worth checking out.

Make yourself some popcorn, clear your schedule, and binge-watch some of these great Japanese shows on Netflix.

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