Best Japanese Matcha Sets for Beginners

One of my favorite English-speaking Japanese YouTubers, Samurai Matcha, is a matcha fanatic.

He has made a daily routine of starting the morning super early, with a perfect brewed and frothed cup of matcha.

Best Japanese Matcha Sets for Beginners
Looking for the best Japanese Matcha sets for beginners?

Despite being a travel fanatic, his matcha routine does not shift, no matter where he is in the world!

His love and knowledge of this warming aromatic tea have me intrigued and wanting to have a matcha set of my own to prepare a warming cup to start my day.

Join me as I take a look at the five best Japanese matcha sets to try this peaceful morning ritual. 

Enjoy an authentic cup of matcha with your Japanese matcha set

Matcha (抹茶) is one of the world’s most esteemed teas and a Japanese institution!

This brilliant green powder with its sweet and earthy aroma and taste is made by grinding the leaves of shade-grown tea plants into a fine powder.

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Green tea fans will be delighted with the unique flavor, and high concentration of antioxidants in matcha, which has also found its way into all sorts of foods and products. 

Top pick

Artcome 12-Piece Japanese Matcha Tea Set

This comprehensive, high-quality ceremonial tea set is perfect for tea enthusiasts, featuring a beautiful combination of ceramic and bamboo items treated for longevity.

Editor’s choice

9-Piece Traditional Matcha Whisk and Bowl Set

Ideal for beginners, this ceramic, stainless steel, and bamboo matcha set includes 9 utensils and easy-to-follow instructions for perfecting your cup of matcha.

Best value

TEANAGOO Japanese Matcha Tea Set with Tray

An ideal starter kit for matcha enthusiasts, this beautiful set includes expertly crafted utensils, authentic ceramics, and a perfectly sized scoop for a satisfying cup of matcha.

An ancient brew

Japanese matcha has its origins in the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) in China.

At that time, matcha was introduced to Japan via Buddhist monks.

The perfecting of the preparation and service of this tea became an art and devotion, giving rise to Japan’s famous tea ceremony, “the way of tea”  that has continued to the present day. 

Enjoy matcha with a traditional matcha set

A matcha set contains Japanese tea-making implements that are less ornate than those used in a proper tea ceremony, but still distinctive. Aki of Samurai Matcha is a minimalist, but his matcha set is the one thing I haven’t seen him part with yet.

Here are the essential pieces you need for a perfect cup of matcha.

What are the pieces of a matcha set?

Here are the parts of a traditional matcha set. A Japanese matcha set may have some or all of these utensils:

  • The chawan or tea bowl (茶碗): This is a wide, shallow bowl that you use to whisk the matcha powder with hot water. You can get some really beautiful chawan designs.
  • A chasen (茶筅): This is a small, handheld bamboo whisk for whisking the matcha powder and hot water together to create a frothy, creamy texture.
  • Chashaku or bamboo scoop (茶杓): A small, spoon-like utensil made of bamboo for measuring out the correct amount of matcha powder for a single serving.
  • Furui: a sifter that is used to sift the matcha.
  • Kensui: This waste water bowl can be used to dispose of any excess water or matcha powder during tea-making.
  • The Futaoki or lid rest: This is a small ceramic stand holds the lid of the tea bowl you are not using it
  • Mizusashi (水指): This small, lidded container holds your hot water for whisking matcha powder.

5 Best Japanese Matcha Sets for Beginners

Japanese Matcha set preparation
Japanese Matcha set

1. Artcome 12-Piece Japanese Matcha Tea Set

This beautifully decorated and detailed buy is ideal for someone determined to master the art of ceremonial tea making.

It is comprehensive with all the utensils required to make the perfect cup of matcha – great value for money!

I’m impressed by the combination of quality ceramic and natural bamboo items, which have been oiled for longevity.

Set includes:

  • Matcha bowl
  • matcha whisk
  • traditional scoop
  • teaspoon
  • whisk holder
  • tea cloth
  • bamboo holder
  • matcha powder caddy
  • scoop holder
  • matcha powder strainer
  • bamboo screen
  • and bamboo brush 

2. 9-Piece Traditional Matcha Whisk and Bowl Set

This ceramic, stainless steel, and bamboo matcha set is beginner friendly.

It is supplied with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get to grips with using the 9 utensils for making the perfect cup of matcha. 

Set includes:

  • Matcha bowl
  • green matcha tea caddy
  • matcha whisk
  • spoon
  • ceramic whisk holder
  • tea scoop
  • scoop rest
  • tea cloth
  • and stainless steel tea sifter 

3. TEANAGOO Japanese Matcha Tea Set with Tray

This beautiful starter kit is a best-buy for a burgeoning matcha enthusiast.

The expertly crafted utensils will help you create a satisfyingly frothy cup and the beautiful ceramics have an authentic feel.

The supplied scoop is sized for a single cup of your favorite matcha.

Set includes:

  • Bamboo whisk
  • bamboo tea tray
  • bamboo scoop
  • ceramic bowl
  • ceramic whisk holder
  • ceramic scoop stand
  • cotton tea cloth
  • tea cloth base
  • matcha powder sifter
  • and a ceramic tea canister

4. Anpro Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Set

This rustic, bamboo matcha set is designed to produce the best tea set and lather.

All utensils are designed to provide the perfect single cup of matcha and you can use the plum rag that is included to clean any spills.

Because this is a 100% bamboo matcha set it is lightweight and can join you on your travels. 

Set includes:

  • Natural bamboo bowl
  • matcha whisk
  • teaspoon
  • spoon
  • and bamboo brush

5. Complete Starter Matcha Bowl and Whisk Kit

If you’ve dabbled with matcha and are ready to up your game and prepare this Japanese beverage properly, this basic set will give you the essentials for making a better cup of matcha.

The five-piece kit does not include bowls and cups but has great quality items like the ultra-fine sifter and clear mixing bowl that will make your matcha super smooth!

Set includes:

  • Matcha bowl
  • a handmade bamboo matcha whisk
  • a bamboo matcha scoop
  • a whisker holder/reshaper
  • and a stainless steel matcha sifter

Best Japanese Matcha Sets: Buying Guide

Beginners guide on choosing Japanese Matcha Sets
Choosing the perfect Japanese Matcha sets

An authentic matcha set should be simple and unassuming, with the fine craftsmanship that Japan is associated with.

Here are the key features to look for for a lasting matcha set that you’ll look forward to using every day. 

  1. Matcha set material: Matcha sets are usually made from ceramic or bamboo. The ceramic sets are better for heat retention, but the bamboo sets are lightweight and perfect for travel. 
  1. The size of your matcha set:  If you’re a beginner like me, an ornate and detailed set is probably going to be a little overwhelming. For the Japanese, their morning brew is mindful but not elaborate, so sticking to a minimalist set may be the way forward while you master matcha-making. Look for the minimum accessories for brewing like a whisk, scoop, and sifter. 
  1. The design of your matcha set: Look for a set that really expresses your personality and looks attractive in your home. You can find matcha sets with traditional Japanese designs or more modern, minimalist aesthetics.

Best Japanese Matcha Sets: Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese Matcha Sets faqs

What should beginners look for in a matcha set?

If you are a beginner matcha preparer, look for a matcha set that includes all the essential components, such as a chawan, chasen, chashaku, and furui. Choose a set with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, one that will make you look forward to brewing a delicious cup every day.

Which is the best matcha powder to use with a matcha set?

If you have made the effort to buy a great matcha set, splash out on high-quality ceremonial grade matcha. This premium matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves and has a vibrant green color and a sweet, delicate flavor. Find your ideal matcha in my article reviewing the best Japanese matcha you can buy today. 

Why are matcha whisks typically more expensive than regular whisks?

The chasen (matcha whisk) matcha is a specialist tool that requires high quality and skilled craftsmanship to make. The delicate tines of the whisk are designed to create a smooth, frothy matcha, which requires a precise and intricate design.

Rounding Up

These beginner matcha sets will get me a step closer to mastering the art of Japanese tea making. Steps like properly measuring and sifting the tea with the utensils in your matcha kit will make a massive difference to the taste and texture of your brew.

Matcha preparation is really accessible and can be performed by anyone, anywhere. I am looking forward to watching the sunrise with a warming cup of match in hand. 

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