Japan’s Best Golf Courses: World-Class Golf in Japan

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Japan’s 2,500 golf courses include some of the world’s finest and many of them regularly feature in World Top 100 or Top 1000 rankings.

Playing a round of golf at one of these leading golf courses is a rare treat, especially as Japan’s courses have been designed by some of the most talented golf course architects in history.

Japan’s Best Golf Courses
Best golf courses in Japan

So, if you want to play at one of Japan’s best golf courses, I’ve rounded up the finest.

Take a Quick Look at Best Japanese Golf Clubs

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Japan’s Best Golf Courses

Japan’s pristine golf courses represent the history and heritage of golf in Japan.

You cannot get any more exclusive than the pristine greens of the legendary clubs. Japan’s best golf courses are ultra-exclusive.

Green fees are high and you usually have to be referred to play by a golf club member.

Take a closer look at the very best golf clubs in Japan.

1. The Hirono Golf Club

Hirono Golf Club golf courses
Hirono Golf Club
LocationHyogo Prefecture
Address7-3 Hirono, Shijimi-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Date opened1932
Golf course architectCharles Hugh Alison
Course rating75
Layout/StyleParkland (the “Pine Valley of Japan”)
Yardage7158 yards,
AmenitiesRestaurant, Bar/Lounge, Driving Range
Social mediaN/A
Nearest accommodationHirono Golf Club accommodation

Hirono Golf Club has been consistently rated Japan’s #1 for many years.

It is renowned for its exquisite execution of bunkering, sand, and greens designed by the eminent golf course architect, Englishman Charles Hugh Alison. 

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2. Tokyo Golf Club (TGC)

LocationSayama, Saitama Prefecture
Address1984 Kashiwabara, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture
Date opened1913
Golf course architectKohmyo Ohtani /Gil Hanse
Course ratingASAKA Green:74.3CHICHIBU Green:73.3
ParASAKA Green:72CHICHIBU Green:72
YardageASAKA Green:7,215 yards
CHICHIBU Green:6,959 yards
Social mediaN/A
Nearest accommodationKawagoe Prince Hotel

Tokyo Golf Club is the golf club of the Imperial family, who have used this club for over 100 years.

This ‘little Edo’ golf club features two courses, Asaka green, and the more recent Chichibu green.

3. Kawana Fuji Golf Course

Visit Kawana Fuji Golf Course
Kawana Fuji Golf Course
LocationItō, Shizuoka Prefecture
Address414-0044 Shizuoka, Ito, Kawana 1459, Japan
Date opened1936
Golf course architectCharles Hugh Alison
Course rating73.1
Layout/StyleDeep bunkers, rich natural features
Yardage6,701 yards
AmenitiesRestaurant, Bar/Lounge, Driving Range, Pro shop, Chauffeured carts, Onsen
Social mediaN/A
Nearest accommodationKawana Hotel (official resort hotel)

This luxury golf resort is where the Japanese great and good go to play amazing golf and enjoy a restorative overnight stay.

Kawana Fuji Golf Course was designed by Charles Hugh Alison and makes the most of the outstanding natural beauty.

4. Naruo Golf Club

Visit Naruo Golf Club
Naruo Golf Club
LocationKawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture
AddressKanagadani-1-4 Nishiuneno, Kawanishi, Hyogo 666-0155, Japan
Date opened1920
Golf course architectHarry C. Crane, Joseph Earnest Crane
Course rating72.1
Layout/Style“Mountain Links” 
Yardage6,564 yards
AmenitiesClubhouse, shop, Sukiyaki-tei dining hall, Bar/Lounge, Driving Range / Approach / Putter Practice Area
Social mediaN/A
Nearest accommodationNearest hotels

Nauro Golf Club is one of Japan’s oldest. It is famous for its challenging irregular bunkers and gorgeous natural landscaping designed by Joseph Earnest Crane.

This private club will only allow non-members on the course by member referral and on weekdays. 

5. Ono Golf Club

Ono Golf Club golf course in Japan
Ono Golf Club
LocationOno City, Hyogo Prefecture
Address1225 Kizumi-cho, Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture 675-1343
Date opened1961
Golf course architectOsamu Ueda
Course rating73.1
Yardage6935 yards
Social mediaN/A
Nearest accommodationHazu Bekkan

Ono Golf Club is situated within the Harima Chubu Hill Prefectural Natural Park and has a course style that is in keeping with the surrounding natural beauty.

The course has hosted championships like the Japan Open and Kansai Open on several occasions.

6. Osaka Golf Club

LocationMisaki, Osaka Prefecture
Address31 Fuke, Misaki, Sennan District, Osaka 599-0303, Japan
Date opened1937
Golf course architectOsamu Ueda
Course rating71.5
Yardage6700 yards
AmenitiesClubhouse, Restaurant, Lounge, Shop, Meeting room
Social mediahttps://www.instagram.com/osakagolf_1938/
Nearest accommodationYokohama Royal Park Hotel

This more contemporary golf course was designed by Osamu Ueda and opened in 1987.

Its marine location adds the additional challenge of strong winds, but the play and views are breathtaking.

7. Yokohama Country Club

Yokohama Country Club golf course
Yokohama Country Club
LocationYokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 
Address1025 Imaicho, Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 240-0035, Japan
Date opened1960
Golf course architectTakeo Aiyama
Course ratingEast course: 74.1West course: 72.1
Holes36 (East and West courses) 
ParEast course: 72
West course: 71
YardageEast course: 6512 yards
West course: 698 yards
AmenitiesClubhouse, Restaurant, Lounge, Shop
Social mediahttps://www.facebook.com/YokohamaCountryClub/
Nearest accommodationNearest hotel

Yokohama Country Club has an illustrious history, which includes hosting the Japan Open and the Japan Women’s Open.

This club is popular with Tokyo residents who play the East and West courses, recently updated by Coore & Crenshaw. 

8. Abiko Golf Club

LocationAbiko, Chiba Prefecture
Address1110 Okahotsuto, Abiko, Chiba 270-1137, Japan
Date opened1930
Golf course architectRokuro Akahoshi, Brian Silva, and Kye Goalby
Course rating72.3
Yardage6784 yards
AmenitiesClubhouse, Restaurant, Lounge, Shop, 
Nearest accommodationGrand Park Hotel The Luxueux Minami Kashiwa

Abiko Golf Club was established in 1930 and has a long tradition of a liberal and egalitarian approach to golf.

The original course design by Rokuro Akahosi was completely destroyed during WWII.

The most recent update was completed in 2012 by golf course architect Brian Silva. 

9. Kasumigaseki Country Club

Visit Kasumigaseki Country Club
Kasumigaseki Country Club
LocationYokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 
Address1025 Imaicho, Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 240-0035, Japan
Date opened1960
Golf course architectTakeo Aiyama
Course ratingEast course: 74.1West course: 72.1
Holes36 (East and West courses) 
ParEast course: 72West course: 71
YardageEast course: 6512 yards
West course: 7117 yards
AmenitiesClubhouse, Restaurant, Lounge, Shop
Nearest accommodationKasumigaseki Country Club accommodation

Kasumigaseki Country Club is known for its distinctive East and West courses which have more than 120 bunkers between them!

This forested course has hosted the Japan Open on several occasions, as it is a challenging course that requires accuracy.

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Closing Thoughts

These amazing golf courses showcase the very best of Japan’s golf.

Tradition and etiquette are everything at these golf clubs and they certainly compete with famous golf courses overseas like Gleneagles in Perth, or Augusta National in the States.

If you’re a keen golfer and acquire an invitation to a round at any of these Japanese golf clubs, be sure to take up the opportunity – and arrive early!

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